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This deviation was deleted

Good Bits;

I love this, it is truly a pleasing piece to look at. The detail on the armor is outstanding, so much that it looks as though you could reach out and touch it. The muscle detail and scars etc also carry much the same, you can really tell how much of a warrior Rick is at heart, and indeed in the flesh. What gets me though is -that- smile, one that says "I'm quite enjoying this". She looks so comfortable, but then that's not surprising - If Rick wants to sit down and you're in her line of sight... do I need to say more?

I also love how it's the right mix of dark and light, it reflects the type of place these two 'hang out', the background also suggests that the two were alone when this took place, only adding to just how terrifying it must have been; Alone with Rick? *gulp*.

The expression on Keri's face says alot, it's both pained and annoyed almost as though she's thinking "Oh god, not again! *groans*". Her arm which is 'free' adds to the feeling of 'I'm so close, yet so far from escaping', which is so true of Bane, and Rick in particular.


I struggle to find any of these, seen as though I make a different type of 'art', though if I was pushed to find something; Her left arm, resting on her leg - The detail again is outstanding but I can't see her hand, I'm not sure if it's bent at the wrist so much so that it's not visible, though that may well just be me.

Overall, I love this piece - It contains all the traits one would link to Bane and Rick in particular, very well done!

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